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Welcome to your own online Business Manager. I’m Sophie and Hotdesk is my business, established in 2007.

I’m the volcano climbing, organisational freak you need, but may not know it yet! 

Hotdesk exists to help solopreneurs and small business owners develop their business, enabling them to grow and be amazing.


 15 years of Business Management experience.

Hire me and we’ll build your success together.


→ You’re fed up with spinning plates and want someone experienced in your corner to help.

→ You want to focus only on what you love in your business, what you are good at – creating, client relationships, product development, sales

→ You need to make changes in your business but you are not sure where to start.

→ You’d love 121 sessions exclusively focused only on you & what you need to do to get to the next level.

→ You’d like to hand over overall planning, web edits, design, copy checking, finances and more

→ You’ve worked with people before but they under delivered or overpromised.

→ You’d love someone responsive who can help release you and get you to that big picture.


Having HotDesk on your side will strengthen and enhance your business. From branding to trademarks, company set up to expanding processes, I can help. We can start today.

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“I particularly value Sophie’s flexible working, proactiveness, professionalism, use of Apps and technology and her sense of telepathy.”
Sarah Fenwick, Director
Energist UK Ltd


You’ll get the support you need, with clarity and direction to develop a plan from our very first conversation onwards. We will put systems in place that will increase your profit. You will feel relaxed from the outset and know that everything is in capable hands.


John Cremer is a successful motivational speaker and he approached Hotdesk feeling overwhelmed. He was in demand and could not keep up with invoicing, so was several months behind. He hated Excel with a passion!  We developed a plan and months later cashflow was improved and he had valuable new clients – McDonalds, Microsoft and the Met to name a few. We then formed a Limited Company and he now spends 3 months every year in the USA,  some business but also a great deal of fishing, one of his passions, knowing things are being handled.


You will get updates, strategy suggestions and complete 121 support as needed. We will agree the next steps together towards reaching your business goals. You will know I am on your side and ready to support your every decision. You will be able to think clearly, with Hotdesk as your expert business support.


“Sophie always keeps you up to date, you never worry about what is happening and when, she is super responsive, has an excellent eye for detail. She will share her ideas to support you and always works at your pace. I’m not sure what my business would do now without a Sophie
Karen Wilson
Quest For Success


→ Click here to book your FREE helpful Breakthrough 121 Chat. ←


Hire me and we will build your success together.

My work

My specialty areas:

Why Hotdesk?

A selection of reasons why my clients have chosen HotDesk as their full business support.

I work very fast and with maximum efficiency. By the time you sip your morning coffee, we can be reviewing next steps for your business together.
Be ahead of the game and have someone who is not increasing your office costs or using your resources, working remotely to get your work done.
You can hand over the detail work to me, and let me fire fight for you. So you focus on what really matters. Leave everything else to me.
No recruitment costs, no sick pay, no holidays, maternity pay or other traditional employment expenses to worry about.
Whatever your aims for your business, become mine, I am on your side and will engage wholeheartedly on The Plan until we’ve completed each element.
I am able to react to any new situation you may have and pro actively work with you to tackle it.
I don’t take up room, arrive late, or need a desk – I’m good to go when you are.



  • 15 years experience in business development
  • Worked in all types of businesses from startup upwards
  • 121 Consultations for full business analysis
  • I love technology and apps
  • Your business goals are mine
  • Responsive & show initiative
  • Efficient & love the details
  • Confidentiality



  • Proactive approach to enhance your business
  • 15 years business management experience
  • Responsive business development
  • Full client confidentiality & professional approach


Sometimes, you just have to let others speak for you!

I would love to work with you.

See what my existing clients have to say about what Hotdesk can do for your company:


“Sophie has worked with me for six years, making my freelance business more professional and successful. Hiring her was the best decision I’ve made.

Kira Nickerson
CEO, Kira Nickerson Ltd


“Sophie and her team are genuinely some of the most professional, organised and helpful people you could hope to meet. I have rarely had cause to recommend anyone more highly. A very useful structural support for any small business, and a pleasure to work with.”

Piers Moore Ede

Director, Barefoot Web Ltd


 “I’m super pleased to have come across Sophie. She is so organised and proactive, doing a lot of work on my website and social media graphics which has taken a lot of pressure off me as a sole trader. To find someone like Sophie really is a godsend – I highly recommend her.”

Evie Muirhead

Owner, Luxe Wellbeing Holistics


“Sophie always keeps you up to date, you never worry about what is happening and when, she is super responsive, has an excellent eye for detail. She will share her ideas to support you and always works at your pace. I’m not sure what my business would do now without a Sophie

Karen Wilson
Owner, Quest For Success


“Sophie has worked with me for 7 years and has never skipped a beat. My business has now grown hugely and Hotdesk has adapted every step of the way. Sophie handled events, found me a great bookkeeper, handled VAT registration and filing and moving to Ltd Company from sole trader. Sophie is a total asset to the point where I am now totally dependent and can’t function without her support! Highly recommended.

John Cremer
CEO, John Cremer Ltd




Over the past few years Sophie has taken care of anything I’ve directed her way and she’s always ‘up for it’ even when the timeframes are tight or the description limited or the scope very diverse. I particularly value Sophie’s flexible working, her proactiveness, her professionalism, her use of Apps and technology and effective shortcuts, and her sense of telepathy.”

Sarah Fenwick
Director, Energist UK Ltd



→ Click here to book your FREE helpful Breakthrough 121 Chat. ←



Hotdesk business support will save you time and money, which you can then re-invest in your business.

Your time is valuable and should be spent on your strongest skillsets.

I lift projects from your shoulders and you will feel an immediate difference.

How much do you charge?

I charge according to the type of work you need. You can see more details on current charges on my Booking page – Book me in today.


Do you offer a free trial?

Yes absolutely, I am happy to chat first so you can gauge how we work together. I offer a no strings consultation, so you really have nothing to lose (and everything to gain). Book me in today.


What if I only need you for short term projects?

That’s ok – I work on all kinds of projects, some are long term (longest standing is 7 years!), others are short term (social media, one off web edits for example). I am completely flexible depending on your needs.


OK great, so how do I get started?

Simply e-mail me, or book me in to get the ball rolling – let’s get your business making more money!

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Get in touch

please contact me for a tailored quotation to match your needs – I offer very competitive hourly or fixed daily rates depending on your own requirements and can also quote ‘project’ rates as required:


07884 052 225

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